Scuba Diving Hazards You Need To Pay Attention (Part 1)

Scuba diving is not only a sport but also a livelihood for many people around the world. For those who control travel and explore, it will be fun for them, but for those who see this as a digital source, they always face the dangers that can come at any time for divers.

1. You could be injured while scuba diving

You know, when underwater, all body activities are quite difficult and no longer flexible as on land. In particular, the underwater objects are difficult to cause damage on land, but when underwater, their edges are “exceptionally sharp” and they can cut into your skin if not careful. Ideally, you need to wear high-quality Scuba Shoes at Water Pro to ensure your feet are not scratched, which will not be good for your health and affect your trip.

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For those who participate in scuba diving for a living, they may be quite familiar with the land they live in, so they may be “familiar” with the local territory than those who explore the form of tourism. Therefore, you need to pay attention to asking the indigenous people. In particular, always follow the Safety Principles when diving.

2. Out of oxygen when scuba diving

In some cases, scuba diving equipment malfunction can cause incorrect parameters to be displayed on the screen so you know how much air is left in the tank. This problem you need to pay attention and regularly pay attention to and carefully check the parameters before diving. If possible, go from 2 or more people if you want to snorkel at a depth of 20m or more.

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You will have to equip escape skills when you run out of oxygen to ensure your life. One thing that Water Pro always reminds the members of the club is never regret money to protect themselves.

Opt for high quality scuba oxygen tanks instead of buying cheap products. Not only that, the diving shackles are also very important, so choose good things so as not to lose oxygen uselessly while diving. In case something goes wrong, be ready to remove the things on your body that make it difficult for you to float to the water surface.