Scuba Diving Hazards Need Attention (Part 2)

3. Crash when scuba diving

The deeper the water pressure will be, the greater the pressure on the walls of the blood vessels on the body. Therefore, there will be a fairly high rate of events. Especially, for those who scuba divers in the ancient way, this rate is higher because there is no protective device. In order to be able to dive deeply and safely, we always reminds everyone that a few million should not be sorry for a professional diving suit and health assurance. We must always remember that only health can make money. Just one catastrophe has swept a few to several dozen good diving suits.

In particular, divers at a depth of more than 15m will have a higher risk of catastrophe. They suffer a lot of pressure and sudden changes in pressure are also the cause of the accident.

You need to move slowly from the water to the bottom for your body to adapt. Like when you take a bath, so wet your hands and feet and then gradually up to your body will help the blood vessel walls as well as the sensory cells to be active without being abruptly prone to unfortunate incidents. .

The most visible symptoms are numbness, back pain. Usually, when you suffer from this symptom, you should consider wearing a diving suit as well as meeting experts at Water Pro for free advice and advice to avoid potential risks of a catastrophe.

4. Uninvited guests while scuba diving

This is probably the danger when scuba diving that professional divers are also tired, not just for newcomers to this sport. However, you are quite lucky because often these uninvited guests are mostly alone. Therefore, you only need to equip with enough skills to get out of danger easily, but not so subjective.

Some uninvited guests you can meet such as: Shark, starfish, jellyfish,… However, you can also play with them if you are brave and brave enough.