Experience diving in Thailand, where to dive, how to dive (Part 3)

How much does scuba diving cost in Thailand?

Our diving experience in Thailand shows that the price of diving in Thailand is free, just like you go swimming, but you are required to rent diving equipment. Scuba diving equipment is available at any beach. Depending on the location, the price of diving equipment in Thailand is also different.

If you dive in Phuket , the rental price for a diving equipment is 100 – 300 Baht. However, many cases of diving suits and masks may not fit you, and the quality of their diving gear is not really good.

You can buy a set of equipment just for you, which will cost about 600 baht to 3000 baht, depending on the quality. Experienced divers believe that money should not be saved for equipment, and good quality masks and hoses should be purchased.

Experience diving in Thailand for beginners

Diving is not difficult for new people, if you take the time to learn about them in advance. Our diving experiences in Thailand , when diving, please note the following:

  • If you are scuba diving for the first time in Thailand, you should take a guided scuba diving tour. They will protect you and teach you how to handle problems.
  • Absolutely obey the rules, the instructions of the guide.
  • You need to swim slowly, swim with the group and avoid swimming alone.
  • Protect your skin before diving. Wear tight t-shirts or diving suits, which will protect your skin from sun, jellyfish and other marine life.
  • Buy a light-colored diving tube and don’t wear a plain T-shirt so that other boats can easily recognize you’re diving.
  • Do not touch tropical fish, corals and molluscs with your hands, and prevent some poisonous animals.
  • After reaching the shore to help reduce tinnitus, the diving experience in Thailand is to keep your mouth shut, cover your ears and exhale gently with your nose.
  • You have to wait 24 hours after diving to get on the plane for your body to recover, if you do not have enough time then you should not dive. Marine creatures are very interesting, but limit your hands on them.

For those who love exploring, scuba diving to explore the ocean is probably the tourist activity that is always interested and wants to try once in a lifetime. So if you have the opportunity, come to Thailand and join the scuba diving now. Hopefully our diving experience in Thailand will help you have a great diving experience here.