Experience diving in Thailand, where to dive, how to dive (Part 1)

Scuba diving in Thailand is an activity that young adventurers cannot ignore when coming to this country. So when is diving in Thailand, where is the best place to dive? The experience scuba diving in Thailand of Dulichlive will answer questions of you right now.

Experience diving in Thailand

Scuba diving is a favorite adventure sport in Thailand

Scuba diving in Thailand is a way for you to explore a completely different world. Watching the beautiful schools of fish quietly swimming around you with the colorful coral reefs, you will have to admit that scuba diving is one of the best sports on the planet.

Information about scuba diving in Thailand

Scuba diving in Thailand is an undersea swimming activity equipped with a mask and underwater snorkel. There are two different types of scuba diving, Snorkeling and Diving. So, what’s the difference between Snorkeling and Diving ?

  • Snorkeling is snorkeling and swimming goggles. With this type, you will swim on the surface of the water with a snorkel and face the water to see the coral reefs below.
  • Diving is a type of deep diving with scuba equipment. To join this category requires a little knowledge of scuba diving. Diving is a form of scuba diving

The beaches in Thailand are very clean and clear making it an ideal place to practice diving. This is a very popular entertainment on the coast and the islands, especially those located in tropical latitudes. If you come to the waters of Thailand, do not miss the opportunity to explore the inhabitants of the sea.

Should diving in Thailand at what time?

From around October to November and from April to May, Thailand is a dry season and the weather is very warm. At this time, the sea is quite calm, no waves and clear water. According to the experience of scuba diving in Thailand , diving at this stage is the most suitable.

At other times, there are showers and rising waves in Thailand. You need to avoid these times because underwater is extremely dangerous, especially the area near the coastal cliffs, but in Adama and Gulf of Thailand the climate is quite mild, so this is the location. Scuba diving in Thailand can dive all year round.