Before diving we need to equip with basic knowledge of what?

Ensure psychology before diving

Why must prepare mentally when diving? Because the ocean is extremely large, where you can explore but there are dangers lurking in, you need to be mentally prepared and ready for your excursions to calm down and handle the situations under the guidance of the tour guide. If you are afraid, overly stressed before going to the sea, tell the tour guide, if you do not feel good, you cannot correct your psychology, do not go into the sea, you will easily panic, mouse withdrawing, fainting while diving is very dangerous.

Avoid some aquatic creatures

When diving, watch the corals and fish and marine life of all kinds. A view of the ocean world is shimmering and mysterious. There are times when you are so enraptured that you may accidentally or intentionally come into contact with some marine creatures that may have dangerous toxins for you.

Other notes when scuba diving

Absolutely obey the rules and instructions of the tour guide. Even if you have experience scuba diving, you should warm up, learn to dive 5 minutes before the tour guide for safe diving.

Remember that you must swim slowly and always dive with the team. You should not not dive alone as well as dive too deep to avoid cramps, oxygen deficiency. If you have a problem, someone will know and help you.

Do not drink alcohol before diving. Drinking alcohol before diving will cause you to become dehydrated more quickly and easily cause unpredictable complications when pressure increases.

After coming ashore to reduce tinnitus, close your mouth, cover your ears, and exhale gently through your nose.

You have to wait 24 hours after diving to get on the plane for your body to recover, if you do not have enough time, you should not scuba dive.