Before diving we need to equip with basic knowledge of what? (Part 1)

Scuba diving to watch coral is a tourist activity that many people are interested in, especially young people who love to explore and explore the ocean.

When deciding to explore the ocean with many interesting and unexpected things, the first thing we need to prepare ourselves is the basics for a smooth diving experience.

Time to go scuba diving

Choosing a hot day or a cool day is okay, the important thing is that the sea is not moving, it means the waves are not big, the wind is not much.

Another deciding factor for an interesting diving trip is that the water must be clear. Sometimes the weather conditions are ideal, but the water is cloudy and the diving cannot see anything.

Be sure to stay healthy before diving

If you have heart disease, high blood pressure then you should not experience diving activities. Going to the sea, you will be pressured, plus a little psychological anxiety, not guaranteed health, it is very easy for you to be exhausted and faint while diving, danger will lead to loss of life. So only snorkel when you feel healthy enough.

Like other sports, you should not dive when you are too hungry or just eating. Diving with an empty stomach is sure to make you extremely tired. Meanwhile, diving when full is very easy to vomit. Therefore, the ideal time to participate in scuba diving is about 1 hour after eating.

In addition, you should only dive when the mood is comfortable, avoid diving when you are scared or have psychological instability. Diving in a volatile mood can reduce your flexibility in handling situations and lead to serious accidents.

Take a diving course

After having checked the physical health to be able to dive, you should attend a training course on knowledge, skills, and manipulation while in the water. If you have experience in swimming and diving, it is not necessary to take part in this course.