Basic scuba diving techniques that you should know

Swimming is not only an exercise that helps you improve your health and improve your mind, but also is one of the methods to protect yourself in the necessary conditions.

In swimming, diving is considered the most basic ability of humans to survive in water.

However, to master this skill for entertainment purposes or under the most essential conditions, you need to master the basic diving techniques.

What is diving?

Diving is basically understood as sinking itself into the water, disappearing as if lost in depth, no longer visible on the surface of the water. Diving is one of the most basic ways to navigate below the water surface, which is of great help in human life.

In scuba diving, there are usually two types of diving, which are Snorkeling and Diving.

In the type you will swim on the water with a snorkel and face down in the water to see the coral reefs below. Listening to here, many people will wonder if they can not swim?

With Snorkeling diving, it means swimming on the water and looking down so for those who cannot swim, it is still possible to wear more life jackets to watch the corals. As for those who know how to swim, they can dive deep below to see better. This is a basic snorkeling technique, for beginners and suitable even for those who cannot swim.

Diving is a form of deep diving with the oxygen tank. To participate in this type requires you to have some knowledge of scuba diving as well as be a good swimmer. Often before diving in the diving course, someone will guide you about the basic knowledge to use when diving such as signs by hand, using oxygen tanks, etc.

Those who do not know how to swim should not worry about this type because to dive into the water you will have to wear a lead weight of about 14 kg and an oxygen tank of about 9 kg, so for a normal swimmer, it is difficult to float with that weight.

Thus, both types of diving are suitable for both swimmers and swimmers. However, if you do not know how to swim and still feel scared when you are in a new environment, choose Snorkeling to be safer.

Underwater diving techniques

To be able to learn to dive in the fastest water, we need to master a few basic techniques. These techniques will help you to dive better under water. Learning of these diving techniques should be taught only by someone with a license. However, if you only learn to swim in the pool instead of going to the beach, you can completely study at home with the supervision of an experienced person.

As such, diving is a must-have skill in swimming and it helps you better understand the underwater world. Are you ready to learn this skill?