12 best diving locations on the planet (Part 1)

Snorkeling and seeing colorful creatures in great snorkeling locations are a favorite for many, especially when the season of beach tourism is beckoning.

This summer, there’s nothing more adventurous than to snorkel at great snorkelling spots and see colorful marine life. Join us through the 12 most beautiful diving locations on the planet.


If you like to snorkel the night and follow the giant Manta rays, the Kona Sea in Hawaii is the ideal place for you. The creatures here have their own names and live very long, even species up to 50 years old. The striking difference between the Kona waters and other diving places is the feeding area. That means, you can swim and watch these wonderful creatures enjoying their meals. There are 3 separate diving areas suitable for all levels, even for those who just want to snorkel.


The Great White Wall is an ideal diving spot for those who love the vibrant colors of the reefs. The coral here stretches to a depth of up to 30 m with countless other marine creatures swimming around. The more you swim deep into this sea, the more you will discover other great areas, typically Rainbow Reef. This place will be a paradise for those who love diving free to explore.


The Great Blue Hole is essentially a collapsed cave underwater off the coast of Belize. In 1971, diving pioneer Jacques Cousteau included it in his list of the 10 deepest scuba diving spots in the world. Divers from all over the world flocked here to admire the giant stalagmites and stalactites. Coming to the Great Blue Hole, you can swim with Caribbean reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and other wild marine animals. This unique snorkeling venue welcomes you with any level of diving.

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